Designed in collaboration with Rickshaw Bagworks and the San Francisco Travel Association, this set of banners was hung at the cable car turnaround at Market & Powell in San Francisco. Every day, thousands of tourists line up to take the cable car from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf, making the well-worn pilgrimage between our city’s two largest tourist traps. These banners, which feature a typographic and iconographic map of the city, encourage the queued-up visitors to branch off and explore the diverse patchwork of neighborhoods that make San Francisco such a world-class city. The banners were printed on a reusable, non-toxic material that can be taken down, washed, cut into patterns, and sewn into messenger bags. The goal of this project is to encourage outdoor advertisers to use sustainable substrates that can be given a second life as a functional (and dare we say, stylish) product.

Due to the overwhelming response to the banners, we created a piece of the “Go Get Lost in S.F.” project that didn’t require a set of five flagpoles to display. This 24″ x 30″ poster (screen printed by Forthrite Printing) is printed on archival paper with three shades of Golden Gate Bridge orange. Order yours today in The Poster Shop.