Flow Kana is the first sustainable, sungrown cannabis company to embrace the small, independent farm ecosystem. They partner with craft farmers in Northern California, providing access to large-scale processing and distribution. We’ve partnered with Flow Kana to create graphic systems for several of their product launches, whimsical special events, and social media campaigns.

Flow Kana Limited Edition is a curated selection of six artisan strains from some of the Emerald Triangle's finest cannabis farms. Three were award winners at the 2018 Emerald Cup, and three were recipients of the Regenerative Farm Award. All are organically grown in the California sunshine.

This set of graphics was created to celebrate the launch of the Limited Edition line of products, and was designed to reflect the unique terpene profiles of each strain, as well as the personality of each farm.



Located on the grounds of the former Fetzer Winery in Mendocino, the Flow Cannabis Institute is the world’s first cannabis campus, allowing Flow Kana to bring their entire supply chain under one roof. To celebrate the Institute’s “Land of Possibilities” grand opening party, we developed a magical realism-inspired logo, invitations, posters, print collateral, and web site.



Outside Lands is the long-running major music festival that is held annually in San Fransisco’s Golden Gate Park. 2018 marked the inaugural appearance of “Grass Lands” – a brand new curated cannabis experience focused on the celebration, education, and integration of cannabis products into daily life. Building upon their mission of organically and sustainably farmed agriculture, Flow Kana developed the “Farm to Bong” booth, which allowed festival-goers to carve and build their own bongs from organic fruits and vegetables. Bongs were judged by a celebrity panel each afternoon, with prizes being awarded to the top entries.


Flow Kana has taken the Farm to Bong concept on the road, bringing it to Northern California’s Northern Nights Festival in Mendocino County. This was a particularly groundbreaking event, as it was the first music festival to allow on-site cannabis sales and consumption.

Unsurprisingly, Flow Kana’s not afraid to get a little weird around Halloween. Paying homage to their home base in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, we developed a social media campaign based on iconography from the Wizard of Oz. With references to the Yellow Brick Road, René Magritte-style surrealism, and the urban legend of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon movie mash-up, Flow Kana showed that when it comes to NorCal, there’s no place like home.