Dawn Patrol is a surf-themed hash house in Santa Barbara, California, serving breakfast and lunch, and featuring homemade baked goods, an organic juice bar and artisan coffee drinks. We worked with the owners to develop the logo, menu system, signage and web site.

The term "dawn patrol" refers to the crew of surfers who are up before the sun and in the water at first light. We designed a logo that references Rincon point at daybreak, one of the most iconic surf breaks in Santa Barbara and beyond. The logo was supported by a range of classic surf-themed illustrations that appear on menus, the web site, and signage.

At Dawn Patrol, customers order at the counter and then choose their own seating. We designed a set of menu boards that expedite the process and break the menu down into easy-to-order categories. Categories are signified by different surfboard shapes and are supported by classic surf-inspired illustrations. The menu board styling was extended to print/take-out menus, and provided the visual basis for the mobile-optimized web site.